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My name is Cathy Hart. I am a USDA Licensed Breeder of sugar gliders who lives in a town called Red Oak, just south of Dallas, Texas. I was given one male sugar glider and I have been obsessed with them ever since.

First and foremost, my focus is to keep you informed of the proper care of sugar gliders. I want you to be the most informed customer out there. I have conducted extensive research on sugar gliders but I do not know everything. If I do not have the answer for you, I will find someone that does. 
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Sugar Glider Breeder Licensed by the USDA

If you are looking to own a sugar glider for the first time, please research, research, research. I am not the only site with good information. I do believe many people buy gliders only to find out that they require a lot of attention and care. Then, sadly, they have to get rid of their precious animal. 

I have several different colors of sugar gliders available. Of course the favorite color is the standard sugar glider. I am licensed by the USDA to breed and sell gliders. I have taken in some rescue gliders and worked to tame them, hopefully to find them new homes.

If you have questions about anything pertaining to gliders or my website, you can call or text me at 469-964-4152 , you can  email me at I would love to help you in any way I  can and share my love of the sugar glider with you.