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Are they legal in your state?


2. RESEARCH MORE, I have researched for 7 years and I'm still learning more. 

When checking websites, check to see first when last updated. You want the most current information on  sugar gliders.

1.   Since the sugar glider requires patience and a lot of attention from you, think about the time it will take to care for it, and compare to your schedule now. Will a new specialty pet fit into your lifestyle? Can you make sure that you will cut veggies and fruits every night, mix the REEPS , feed it mealworms? One glider will take 3 to 4 hours a day to keep it from getting lonely and /or depressed. Two gliders will require a minimum of one hour a day.

2.   Sugar gliders are nocturnal. This means they are awake at night. 
I  keep mine in another room, I do not notice any sounds when I sleep.

3.  Can you afford the cost of the specialty food it requires to keep your glider healthy? You also will  be buying fresh fruits and veggies, along with all the ingredients for REEPS. You can't just buy a dry food, and expect your glider to be healthy.  You will need to buy all sorts of toys, pouches, branches, etc.

4.  Do you have room for large cage? Cage size should be minimum of 24inx18inx36in. Sugar Gliders require lots of room, so they can jump all around in their environment. 

5.   Can you handle cleaning the cage weekly? This also takes time.If the cage is clean, you will not notice oders.

5.   If you feel you can spend the time it needs to have a happy glider, then before you buy one, you must find a Veterinarian, that is knowledgeable in the Sugar Glider . You would be surprised at how many do not. So, call around, ask them questions that you already know, to test their knowledge. 

6.   Life span is 10 to 12 years old, so commitment is long. 

7.   Speak to someone who has a glider already, and find out some information from them. 

8.   With all this being said, I have seen people research a long time, and once they have the new glider, feel it was a mistake. So, it may look good on paper, but, it is different, once that new family member arrives. 

9.   OK You still feel you can be a good human to a new glider? Buy your cage first, with some accessories. 

10.   Line up a veterinarian now, also find emergency vet for after hours, prior to getting your glider. I use: 

Dr Jaffe at Countryside Veterinary Clinic
910 N I-35 Service Road
Red Oak TX 75154 
Phone #   972-223-5641  

You will need:
  • Shelving or perches for leaping and places to sit on
  • Must have a wheel( glider safe)  I use Stealth Wheels from I know they are glider safe. 
  • Toys, parrot toys, baby toys, cat toys without catnip ( it's toxic to the glider) Mine love the ones with feathers attached.
  • Crock bowls at least 2
  • Branhes for climbing ( or rope safe for gliders)
  • Little huts to climb in 
  • Water bottle (I use the ones with the floating duck in them to monitor water intake).

       No need for a heat rock. Joeys should be able to keep their own body heat within 5 weeks out of pouch.

Buying a Sugar Glider

Do not buy sugar gliders from  Exhibitions,  Trade shows, Trading village's, Fairs, and Flea Markets these are places where impulse buying is the way they make their money. They show you these cute tiny babies, and pull you in,  These poor babie's are pulled from their parents way too early. As early as 4-5 weeks OOP. ( they should not be pulled no earlier than 8 weeks OOP.) Most of these babies die, because they do not have their mother to care for them. How many have to die before we stop buying from these people. 

You think the best place to get a glider would be the pet store. NO, Most do not know how to care for the glider, they can't spend time with it. And, they are not familiar with the diet.  And, usually they have them in a glass arena. 1foot by 1 foot .How can a tree dwelling animal climb?  If the Pet store claims to have knowledge on sugar gliders, ask them questions you already know. If they do not answer questions correctly, DO NOT BUY. Ask which breeder they purchased from. Ask, Do You have the lineage ( like a pedigree) If it is an onsite breeder, that is good. If it is from a mill, DO NOT BUY.

Many buyers must find someone to care for their new pet, because it was not what they expected. Thus, another unwanted glider. 

Check the cages that the breeder is keeping their gliders in. Is it dirty? Although gliders have a natural odor, watch out for any unusual or exceedingly offensive odors that may suggest a dirty cage/pouch or even illness.  Look for an overall clean cage. Old feces/food in the food bowl may point to delayed care. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS BREEDER.

The glider should have nice round eyes, not cloudy , no drainage, and not sunken in. Ears should be erect, and smooth. The ears should not have cracks or crusts on them. The fur should be dense all over, without bald patches, or clusters of parasites. The skin should feel smooth with no cuts, bumps, etc. And the glider should be alert, not sluggish. 


You want to prevent accidents from happening to your sugar glider. NEVER LEAVE YOUR GLIDER UNATTENDED. Many owners have gotten comfortable with their gliders and think it won't hurt now, to leave them unattended. This is where they were wrong, and their precious animal is no longer here. TRUST ME when I say, do not leave your glider unattended. 

BATHROOMS: The most dangerous is water in the toilet. Lids must stay down to prevent drowning, since glider's can't swim. Even the most diligent of owners have found their escapee from the cage dead in their toilet. If you want to take your glider in the bathroom to bond, glider proof it first. Put all chemicals perfumes razors, anything they can get to, out of the way. Don't forget the cabinets . is there a place underneath where they can crawl into? Because if there is, good luck getting your baby out of it. I place blankets up against the cabinet. But, if my glider wants to jump off me, I direct it back on me. I don't want my glider to think it can run ammuck in a room.

KITCHEN:There is nothing in a kitchen for your glider but danger. under refrigerator or stove, water in the sink, the space between floor and bottom of your cabinets. Check for poisoin in the area. 

UTILITY ROOM: Clothes washers have a drain they can weasel into. Is it blocked off? Clothes hampers, an escappee can curl up there and fall asleep.

LIVING ROOM: The glider can get under the couch, into the recliner, is the fire place closed off to keep your baby from going up it? And the fans need to be off. 

What about vents? are they covered? 

The best playtime area, is a tent. You have the freedom of not worrying if your glider is going to get in a pinch. 


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