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I have spent countless hours watching and learning what sugar gliders do in their environment. Sugar glider toys can be simple; they love to forage for things and take them into the pouch. A simple bangle bracelet hanging will give them plenty to do as they go through it and try to grab it with their tail to carry it off. 

I have invented a few of my own sugar glider pouches and toys that I think are simple, but give measures of comfort and fun for your sugar glider. 

The pouches are made of premium grade fleece. I have samples of fleece on my site. If you don’t see what you want, email or call me, and I will make every effort to get what you are looking for. I also have every solid color to place on the inside of the pouches. 
Our Peace Sack pouches come in single, double, queen or king size, depending on your needs. The bottom is squared for more room on the bottom of the pouch
The Cody Cove is a pouch made long enough to hang across the top section of your cage, and the last section hangs down. Your sugar glider can sleep or watch what is going on without having to poke its head out of the pouch. The Cody Cove is excellent for the crabby glider. 

The Crabby Pouch is a shorter pouch that again allows your crabby friend to look out and not feel threatened; thus less crabbing. These sugar glider pouches make it much easier to bond with your new pet.
The Dangle Hanger is a clever foraging toy I came up with after watching sugar gliders wrap their tails around pieces of fleece and carry them into the pouch. I love watching them curl their tails around something, grab it, and go. You can re-tie the fleece on or just re-hang it over the bar for more playtime.

Bug Mugs are excellent for the mealworm or treat foraging fun.  

I want your sugar glider to have an enriched environment, consider any of these sugar glider toys. Have fun and be safe!

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Sugar Glider Toys to Keep Your Pet Happy